Meet the Group

From the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia comes the dynamic sound of PromisedLand Quartet!

Since January 2000, this exciting group of four men has traveled the highways and byways of America – and even overseas – to spread the message of Hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ, and to let everyone know that He offers abundant life and salvation to all who call on Him!


With radio songs like “Brand New Heart,” “I Love That Music,” “When the Son Arrives,“ and “Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory” (to name a few), the group has made their mark in Gospel music with an upbeat sound and unique arrangements. At an event with PromisedLand Quartet, one can expect to laugh, cry, and be uplifted and edified, as well as given the opportunity to know the One the group sings about. As they are fond of proclaiming, “If you walked in the doors lost without Christ, you don’t have to leave that way!”

Tenor – Joey Wilson

Tenor singer Joey Wilson grew up in a preacher’s home and had men in the pulpit on both his parents’ sides of the family tree, so when it came to whether or not to be involved in ministry, he often jokes, “I never had a chance!” After studying music at East Coast Bible College, Joey used his talents in church and in other groups, and even served as the choir director at one of the largest churches in the Washington, DC area before becoming a founding member of PromisedLand Quartet.


Aside from his incredible tenor voice, he also arranges and produces much of the group’s music, contributing to the unique PLQ sound. When Joey is not on tour, he enjoys working in his recording studio, “The Vocal Den,” located in Warrenton, Virginia.

Lead – Gene Hamman

Gene Hamman is a founding member of PromisedLand Quartet and has been involved with Christian music for over 30 years, both on and off the stage. Aside from a powerful lead vocal, Gene also contributes his vast knowledge of live audio engineering to the group’s concerts and can often be seen “behind the board” for other groups as well. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, sports, and spending time with his family.


Gene & his wife of over 30 years, Amy, make their home in Luray, VA and have three sons: Chad, Trevor, and Zachary.

Baritone – Aaron Swain

As the youngest member of the group, it may be surprising that Aaron is probably the most enthusiastic of the four when it comes to the history of Gospel music and its future. From the time he heard Legacy Five’s Monuments project at age 13, he says, “I was hooked!” Aaron’s knowledge of Gospel music trivia and vast collection of projects is a source of amusement for the other guys. He authored the popular Swain’s Musings blog about Gospel music for eight years.


Apart from filling the baritone part, he also manages the group’s Web presence, social media, and on-stage technology. Aaron resides in Forest, VA, and when he is not on the road with PLQ, you just might still find him at a Gospel concert somewhere!

Bass – Steve Barnett

Aside from rounding out the group’s harmony by laying a solid bass foundation, Steve’s joyful spirit and friendly demeanor truly completes their ministry! After touring with the Melodyaires Quartet from Traveler’s Rest, SC from 2015-2019, Steve took some time away from the road, and is thrilled to be traveling and ministering through music once again.


Steve makes his home in Piedmont, SC, with his wife, Vanessa, and daughter, Zoey. He also has three grown sons – Daniel, Dustin, and Devon – of whom he is very proud. When he’s not on the road, you’ll often find Steve woodworking, painting, hunting, or spending time with his family.