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V1) Folks are coming from far and wide, Old camp meeting on the county line
101, it feels like revival,  Red back hymnals, folding chairs,
Canvas tent in the open air, Sawdust floor, and a Holy Ghost prayer, revival
Preacher’s preaching all day long, sing another stanza of that hallelujah song

Chorus) We’re gonna shout the glory down, join in that heavenly sound
Toe tappin’, hand clappin’,   revival
We’re gonna stand and testify, hands lifted up to the sky
Faith stirrin’, shake the earth, revival

V2) Let’s head on down to the river side, Muddy water and robes of white
One more sinner gonna be baptized, revival,
Old things are passed away, go down a sinner, come up a saint

Bridge) Time moves on and it ain’t the same,
The names and the place and the faces change
One thing remains the same,

Jesus Saves
V1) Hear the heart of heaven beating,   Jesus saves, Jesus saves
And the hush of mercy breathing,   Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Hear the host of angels sing,  Glory to the newborn King
And the sounding joy repeating,   Jesus saves

V2) See the humblest hearts adore Him,  Jesus saves, Jesus saves
And the wisest bow before Him,  Jesus saves, Jesus saves
See the sky alive with praise,  Melting darkness in its blaze
There is light forevermore,  Jesus saves

Chorus)  Freedom's calling,  Chains are falling,  Hope is dawning,  Bright and true,
Day is breaking,  Night is quaking,  God is making all things new,   Jesus saves

V3) He will live, our sorrow sharing,  Jesus saves, Jesus saves
He will die our burden bearing,  Jesus saves, Jesus saves
"It is done!" will shout the cross,  Christ has paid redemption's cost
While the empty tomb declaring,   Jesus saves

V4) Oh, to Christ, how great a debtor,  Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Are the saints who shouts together,   Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Rising up so fast and strong,  Lifting up salvation's song
The redeemed will sing forever,  Jesus saves

We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials - Written by Cleavant Derricks
V1) One of these days I'm going home,  Where no sorrows ever come,
(We'll soon be done), We'll soon be done with troubles and trials;
Safe from Heartaches, pain and care,  We shall all that glory share,
(And I'm gonna) Sit down beside my Jesus,
(Lord, I'm gonna) Sit down and rest a little while.

Chorus)  (We'll soon be done), We'll soon be done with troubles and trials,
(Troubles and trials. In that home), Yes, in that home on the other side,
(On the other side, and I'm gonna), Shake glad hands with the elders,
(Lord, and), Tell my kindred good morning,
(Then I'm gonna), Sit down beside my Jesus,
(Lord, I'm), Gonna sit down and rest a little while.

V2) I shall behold his blessed face,  I shall feel his matchless grace,
(We'll soon be done), We'll soon be done with troubles and trials;
O what peace and joy sublime,  In that home of love divine,
(And I'm gonna) Sit down beside my Jesus,
(Lord, I'm gonna), Sit down and rest a little while.

Bridge)  Soon I will be done with the troubles of the World,
the troubles of the World, the troubles of the World
Soon I will be done with the troubles of the World,
Goin’ home to live with God….

I’m Goin’ Home with Jesus - Words and music--Carroll McGruder
Chorus) I’m going home with Jesus in the twinkling of an eye,
I’ve made my reservations for a mansion in the sky;
I may not know the moment, or I may not know the day,
But I know that I’ll be leaving when He calls His Church away!

V1) I’m list’ning for the trumpet, to sound most any time,
And a crown of life that’s waiting, thank God will soon be mine!
I got my invitation, thru a place called Calvary,
By the precious blood of Jesus, the trip’s been paid for me.

V2) The Captain of the vessel, is calling get on board,
And the destination’s Heaven, safe on that crystal shore;
Where we’ll meet again the Savior, and our loved ones who have gone,
There to live for all eternity, oh, yes, we’re going home!

Almost Home - Scotty Inman
Chorus)  I can’t wait my brother, were almost home
I can’t wait my sister, were almost home
This home that I’m awaiting, well it’s worth the anticipating
And I can’t wait, to see him face to face, Thank him for his saving grace
I know, I know, were almost home

V1)  I’m going to a city where, there is no more night
No sickness, no suffering, there is no more strife
Built by the mighty carpenter from the sea of Galilee
I have a feeling that my mansion will overlook the crystal sea

V2) As soon as I get there, gonna find my family
then I’ll talk a while with the one who laid his life down for you and me
Jasper walls, gates of pearl, oh the things that are in store
I wake up in that Promised land to live to die no more

V3) Wont you listen to that heavenly choir singing the song for the redeemed
The crowds getting so excited, it will be more than a dream
You might find me runnin’ up and down those streets of gold
In my brand new body oh the half has not been told!

tag) I’ll be in my new robe of white, I know everything will be just right
I’m gonna shout, im gonna sing, im gonna praise the king of kings
I’m gonna shout shout shout, sing sing sing, praise the king of kings
I know I know were almost home, almost home!

I Believe
V1) I believe that there was a man named Jonah,  who lived in the belly of a whale. 
I believe that there is a beautiful heaven, I believe there's a burning hell.
I believe that Moses led God's children, all across the hot sand
and when they came to the river, God parted the water,
and they walked across the dry land.

Chorus) I believe in the Blessed Hope,
the Book and the Blood and there is no other way.
That Jesus is the Son of God and He's coming back someday.
The Holy Spirit dwells within us the heavenly Father is above,
I believe in the Blessed Hope, I believe in the Book and the Blood.

V2) I believe that Mary was a virgin when she heard that Jesus was on his way.
I believe if you look inside the lowly manger you'll see God laying in the hay.
I believe that Jesus died and was buried and rose upon the third day
I believe that the trumpets gonna sounds so loud God's people will be called away.

When they Ring those Golden Bells
V1) There's a land beyond the river, that we call the sweet forever
And we only reach that shore by faith's decree
one by one we'll gain the portals, as we dwell with the immortals.
When they ring those golden bells for you and me

Chorus ) (Don't you hear)  Don't you hear the bells a-ringin'
(can't you hear)  Can't you hear the angels singin'
(it's a glory) It's a glory, (hallelujah)  hallelujah, (jubilee) jubilee jubilee jubilee
In the far off Great forever, just beyond the shining river
(When they ring)  When they ring those golden bells
(When they ring)  When they ring those golden bells
(When they ring)  When they ring those golden bells
(for you and me)  for you and me

A New Thing
Chorus) Lord won't you do a new thing, use me like you never have before
I’ve seen the tried and true thing, it made me wanna serve you even more
I wanna let my life shine, so everyone can see
and be the kind of witness, that you would have me be
just like you told Isaiah lord,  say you'll do a new thing in me.

V1) I've walked with you for years now,  I've seen some victry’s in my time
but I wanna move some mountains, you'll take me higher
if I trust you to help me climb

V2)  I need a fresh anointing,  lord make me strong and make me bold
but I wanna do your will lord,  fill me with your love, send revival, to my soul

They’re Getting Ready in Glory to Crown the King
V1)  There are things taking place,  in the home in the sky
excitement is mounting,  as time is drawing nigh
oo the pearly gates glisten,  the golden streets gleam
there getting ready in glory to Crown the king

Chorus) When the trumpet has sounded and time is no more
when the last weary pilgrim,  has walked thru the door
when that heavenly choir,  has gathered to sing
they'll be ready in glory to Crown the king

V2)  Lift your weary eyes homeward,  and tarry no more
look beyond human bondage, to that bright golden shore
though the night finds us weary, come morning we'll see
they’re just, just about ready to crown the King

Stepping Out on the Water
V1) I read this account in the Bible,  how Peter and the disciples
went for a little boat ride, but on the way to the other side
a great storm came up and the strong winds blew
but along came Jesus to the rescue
Peter was the one to take a leap of faith., I believe I hear Peter say,

Chorus) You gotta go, steppin' out on the water.
You got to get outta the boat.
(You gotta come) leave the shore and come out of
the safety of your comfort zone.
You'll never learn how to swim if you never get wet,
so launch into the deep and put your faith to the test.
You gotta go,  steppin' out, steppin' out on the water trust the Lord.

V2) Now take a look at your situation. Are you drowning in a sea of complication?
You got in way over your head,  and you wonder if the storm will ever end.
Well if it's over your head,  it's gotta be under His feet.
Just Remember God is able to supply all your needs.
Miracles will happen when you trust and pray, Pretty soon you will be able to say.

Bridge)  The moral of this little song,  is Jesus is the Master, of every storm.
So when you feel the winds moving,  I know you will find,
He may not come when you want Him,  but he's right on time.

Gonna Walk
V1)  I’m tired of this lonely place, so far from the land of grace
It’s time, to make a change, Loose the bonds and free the chains

Chorus) I’m gonna walk, right out of this valley, gonna go where the meadow is green,
Gonna stand on the highest hill, drink from the river where the water is clean

V2) Somehow you have gone, somewhere all your own
You’re there, but You don’t have to stay, tell yourself, right here today

Bridge)  don’t have to loose, gonna choose,  to live in a brighter day
Gonna shed the blues, share the news,  headed a better way