Have plenty of posters displayed in all high traffic areas of the facility.  Provide extras and encourage members to help distribute them ! **
Printing suggestions ---  High gloss paper, on highest quality printer settings will yield best results, For more economical printing, use bright white paper, preferably card or poster stock, with higher quality printer settings (PHOTO).  

 to add a visual element to your church/organization Website 
Here are printable tools to help you get the word out concerning our upcoming concert !! 
Simply click on the small images, they will open full size in a separate window , Right Click and "SAVE IMAGE AS"--Please remember to save the poster to a location where it will be easily accessible. Feel free to copy anything that is necessary, for any additional assistance do not hesitate to contact our office at    540 984-4359

 "Word of mouth"  is the best advertising tool, so mention the concert often and get your whole congregation excited about the opportunities this dynamic EVENT will bring. 
Use the invitation (on right) to invite other churches in your community, and don't forget the "message board" in the front of your church, it's a great way to bring your neighbors in.
      How about adding a poster or link to our website prominently displayed on your church's website !
   Start promoting early !!  And Think Big !  As in; "outside your immediate town and community".  Many people will drive a considerable distance to attend an event they believe will be special. !!!   A gospel radio station can be your biggest ally! don't forget to fax them a PSA, at least  3 weeks in advance. And encourage them to play PLQ music regularly ! 
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