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Warmin Up  - 

V1  Ohhh I went, to visit a church, and it was as quiet as it could be.
There was no body praising the Lord, nobody but me.
Well They said I was emotional, you know I kinda felt out of place.
Cause when I come to church, I don't just come to take up space.

Chorus)  I'm just warming up ! I'm just warming up!
I'm just warming up! For that meeting in the sky.
So if you think I'm a little strange, don't you sit around and wait for me to change!
I'm just warming up, for when I reach the other side! 

V2  Now .when I reach those pearly gates, and they swing open wide,
I'm gonna leap for joy, cause I've reached the other side.,
All my pain and sorrow, up there I will forget,
& if you think I shout down here, well you aint seen nothing yet!

Joyful Morning -

V1  I have thought about heaven,  and how it's going to be,
to see jasper walls,  and walk by the crystal sea,
for I have known in my heart,  for such a long time, I'm not where I belong,
what a joyful morning when I get home.

Chorus) What a joyful morning , when my new home I see
I'll lay these burdens down,   trade my cross for a crown,  Lay them at his feet,
I'll see friends and loved ones, I've waited so long, What a joyful morning  When I get home

V2  I've stood by the bedside of a loved one so dear,
whose life would be gone, you see death was so near,
but someone smiled and said Ohh,   don't you weep for the dead
cause it's always darkest,  right before dawn
what a joyful morning, when I finally get home, 

Today the Valley

V1)  Seems it's been forever,  these struggles that I'm in,
I'm so tired and weary,   just getting through where I've been
  Lord i feel that I can't make it,   you know my hope is all but gone
  it will take your strength and courage,  to keep me pressing on

Chorus 1 ) I've walked so long in this valley,   I don't feel like goin on,
Lord i need you right beside me, singing me your victory song
I hear the lyric, "you can make it, all you need to understand
today the valley,  tomorrow the mountain"

V 2 ) These shadows that surround me, can really take their toll
They crush you heart to pieces, and rip out your very soul
thru your eyes of grace and mercy,  I see its worked out for my good,
Joy Came in this morning,  just like you said it would.

Chorus 2 )    I have walked right through this valley, Now I feel like goin on,
Lord I need you right beside me, singing me your victory song
I hear the lyric, "you have make it", now I clearly understand
today the valley, tomorrow the mountain

His Cross 

V1 His Cross, was not the first cross,  to stand,  on calvarys hill, 
his cross, was not the last cross, where man's blood, by man was spilled.

V2   But his cross, was the first and last cross,  where once for all,  God's lamb was slain,
and his blood, was the first and last blood,  that can can wash away sins stain  

V3- His cross,  was the first and last cross,  Where atoning blood was suplied,  
and his cross was the first and last cross, where God himself would die, 

V4 His tomb , was not the first tomb,  prepared where man would lay, 
his tomb was not the last tomb,  where death would loose it's grave 

V5  His tomb, was the first and last tomb, where life and death, would collide,  
and his tomb, was the first and last tomb, where death itself, would surely die  

V6  For he arose,  on the 3rd day.  evermore,  to live again
soon he'll return, for all his children, we shall go and live with him

7) And in his home , there'll be no sorrow, former things are passed away,
in his presence, we'll live forever,  oh hallelujah oh what a day

Make a Mark

V1)  Life  is like a vapor,, here one moment and it's gone,
when I die,  may the  world still here your song.
may it ever ring loud and clear,  for the whole wide world to hear,
may I make a mark, on this world, for you

Chorus)  I just want to make a mark,  i just want to touch someones heart,
in this world,  Lord Jesus,  for you,  may I ever burn with your fire
  never ever,  let me loose that desire, to  make a mark, on this world, this world, for you

V2)   But while I am still living,  may I never stop giving you, 
to one, and then, to another again,
for you've not just appointed me,  but you have annointed me
to  make a mark, on this world, for you

Had a Little talk with Jesus Yesterday -

V1)  This ole world is filled with sin and sorrow,  I don't know how much longer I must stay
so I'm not gonna worry 'bout  tomorrow,  cause I had a little talk with jesus,  yesterday

chorus 1)  yes I had a little talk with my savior,  down on my knees
  down on my knees I knelt to pray,
now I know I have something,  to live for,
cause I had a little talk with Jesus,  just yesterday, yesterday

V2) Now  the road of life don't seem so filled with  danger,
though the winds of strife are blowing everyplace ,
  when my time comes to go i sure won't linger,  brother I had a little talk with Jesus yesterday ,

V3.) Now the sunshine seems to be,  a whole lot  brighter,
my skies have all turned blue, there no longer gray , 
and all my burdens seem to feel so very much lighter,
since I had a little talk with Jesus,  yesterday

bridge)    Now let us have , have a little talk with Jesus
  let us tell ,   tell him all about our struggle
  for he will hear, hear our faintest cry , and he will answer,
when you feel,   Feel a little prayer wheel turnin
then you will know,  know a little fire is burnin
cause I had a little talk with Jesus ,  just yesterday,

Men of His Word,

Chorus ) we will trust and obey, kneel and pray,  stand on his promises day by day,
we will walk in the light by faith and not site, by his spirit we're shakin and stirred,
we are men of his word

V1)  we've taken the narrow,  the less travelled road,  we bare the burdens, we carry  the load
we take up his cross, and follow the lord, we are  united, in one accord

V2) we will follow the master, abandon it all, leave it behind us for the sake of the call
we will glory in Christ, yes Christ alone, in his power,  we press on

When the Son Arrives  -

V1)  there once was a son,  who squandered his living, he wasted it all, but he paid the price
a famine arose,  that left him white nothing,   but a father who longs for the day, when his son would arrives

chorus 1)  When the son arrives, what a glorious morning,
when the son arrives, we'll welcome him home.
he'll be coming to those who,  have been watching and waiting
with their arms wide open,  when the son arrives., 

2)  there's coming a day,  the hour aproaching,   when the son of man,  will leave his throne
he'll come with a shout,  in glorious triumph, in the blink of an eye,  call his children home

chorus 2)  When the son arrives, what a glorious morning,
when the son arrives, to gather his bride
he'll be coming to those who,  have been watching and waiting
for the clouds to open,  when the son arrives.,

Showers of Blessing -

V1- I stand here in the rain for a reason, though the questions in my mind are not quite clear,
i know this storm will last but for a season, still i ask the Lord just why, I must be here
then from the corner of my eye,  i see his see his silver light,
it lets me know this trial was only a blessing in disguise, now i realize

chorus )   these dark clouds have brought a shower of blessing,
this storm can never harm me,  it only brought me to my knees,
the sound of rain from heaven is refreshing,  now it's over looking back,. I plainly see
these dark clouds have brought a shower of blessing,

V2  the lightning and the thunder roll above me, the howling winds grow stronger all the time
the way ahead is darkness , so i can't see , still i know within my heart, the vict'ry is mine.
for we have a calm assurance in our soul that keeps safe
and let's us know we're all protected by God's love and grace, so keep the faith

bridge) showers of blessing,   showers of blessing we need

Brighter Day   

V1) I'm the cold right hand of  retribution,  the righteousness of fear
messenger of his holy, it keeps ringing in my ears
and all who sinned against it, and all who disbeleive
be afraid its judgement day,   he's bringing in the sheaves

V2)  he send's me out before him, like an angel in the night
thru  the valley, of the shadow, with a mighty sword of light
though they beg for mercy,  contrition's not enough,
i'm here to cleanse them from their sins,  and wash them in the blood 

Chorus) cause there's a  brighter day a comin,  dark clouds all will part and drift away
and the world will live in peace and celebration,,  forever in the light of a brighter day

V3) like sodom and gommorah, noah and the flood,
he'll save the blessed few, then set  the rest,  in order when he comes
meanwhile I walk amoungst them, and I judge them wrong or right
take them from the darkness, and send them to the light

bridge)   sinners, fools,  and saints,  every woman, child and man
judgment is upon you, oh the time is now)   at hand