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We Will Remember

Chorus) We will remember, we will remember
We will remember, the works of Your hands
We will stop, and give you praise
For great is Thy faithfulness

V1) You're our creator, our life sustainer, Deliverer, our comfort, our joy
Throughout the ages You've been our shelter, Our peace in the midst of the storm

V2)  With signs and wonders, You've shown Your power, with precious blood, You showed us your grace
 You've been our helper, our liberator, The giver of life with no end

V3) When we walk through, life's darkest valleys,we will look back, at all you have done, 
And we will shout, our God is good, And He is the faithful One

Bridge) Hallelujah, hallelujah, To the one from whom all blessings flow
Hallelujah, hallelujah, To the one whose glory has been shown

V4) I still remember the day You saved me, The day I heard You call out my name
You said You loved me and would never leave me, And I've  never been the same

Tell It Like It Was
V1) Nobody ever talks about, the way it used to be, when tears were on on the alter, from sinners on their knees
The preacher didn't worry 'bout, politically correct. It wasn't his opinion. It was what that Bible said.
We can try to pick and choose, but one size still fits all,
There is no brand new high tech way, to make to make me heed the call.

 It's time to tell it like it was, 'cause that's the way it is.
If we want it like they had it, we've got to do it like they did,
Preachin' "Wrong is wrong and right is right".
There is no grey, just black and white.  if it took the Blood back then, well it still does.
We just gotta tell it like it was.

V2) Is there any wonder, that we're in the shape we're in?
The church will only say it, if they're sure it won't offend.
John may have baptized Jesus, but he isn't watered down.
There's still the power in his Word, to turn this world around.

 I Wanna Live Like Jesus Everyday

V1) When the lord first saved me, he gave me a love, for everything the bible had to say
I learned about Jesus and all he’s overcome, and that’s when I began to pray
Master teach me more than I ever knew before, Show me things I’ve never even seen 
I wanna follow you, in everything I do, A disciple, is what I want to BE . E .. E..EE

Chorus ) (Oh I) I, (I wanna live) I wanna live, a-like Jesus every day
 I wanna walk in the glow of that heavenly light, and lend a helping hand a long the way
I wanna give, comfort to the mourners, I wanna show, scripture to the scorners
I wanna share, wisdom to the seekers, I wanna know, hope for the believers,  
Unison) I wanna live like Jesus, (Everyday) parts) everyday,

V2) When I think about the call, of Peter James and John, 
to cast their nets aside and follow him, 
They fished for a livin’, their whole lives long, but now it was time, to fish for men
Something deep inside, that couldn’t be denied, drew them to this man of Galilea
He showed them how to live. He taught them to forgive
And Jesus will do the same for ME . E .. E..EE

Behold the Lamb

V1) John the Baptist had a message for the world that he came preaching, It talked about the evil state of man
He said I baptize you with water, but the one who will deliver,  Is coming down the road, behold the lamb

Chorus)  Behold the lamb) He was sent from god out of heaven, Behold the Lamb) he has come to make us free
 Behold the Lamb) To whom all power is given,    Jesus Christ Emmanuel, Behold the Lamb.

V2) On the cruel cross of cal’vry, just another crucifixion, The soldier took the hammer in his hand
But he had no way of knowing that somewhere up in Heaven,   The Offering was received, Behold the Lamb 

Only 1 Life

V1) In the Book Of Revelation, Jesus Wrote the Church,   of Leadocea , concerning all their worth
you Preach, You sing, You give Your Tithes, You Worship and You pray
But You pushed Me outside the door, and your membership’s unsaved 

Chorus) There’s only 1 life, and you and I are in it,    Only 1 chance , to make the right choice
I didn’t come to ask you, what opinions that you hold,  
How long you’ve been a member, How much Bible that you know.
The Only thing that matters, when you pass beyond the grave,Is the answer to the question, Are You Saved ?

V2) The Bible tells the story, of a lost rich man who died
And from tormenting flames of hell, he lifted up his eyes
The road that brought him to this place, was with good intentions paved
But heavens gates were closed to him, for he never had been saved.

They Don’t Know

V1) Some Say we’re just crazy, and the Bible’s only fiction,  Some deny the truth and way, or that Jesus Christ is risen
But They Don’t know, They Don’t know
They Get so offended, when we say that God Jehovah,   Is the one and only living God, And above him there’s no other
But They Don’t know, Oh But I Let them know

Chorus) I won’t apologize , for being a Christian,      I won’t apologize, for loving the Lord
I won’tsay I’m sorry for raising my Hands,     Proclaiming the word, and taking a stand
For Telling of his love, when I testify, when I testify, I won’t Apologize, For Being Right 

V2) I see it all around us, the way the world is changin’,  Lies are told as truth, and people hearts are rearrangin’
But They can’t see, No They can’t see
The time is soon approaching, when the order might be given, To Lay our faith in Jesus down, For unified religion
When d They’ll Ask Me, Oh When They Ask Me… 

Bridge) I will stand upon the words of truth that he’s the only way
I will testify his promise, That he’s Coming back some Day,  That is why I  say….. 

Master freed a Slave -

V1) No Place in the family, shackled to the past, Satan held me Captive in my sin
But Jesus called the ransom, I was free at last ,    With Open arms he said child come on in !! 

Chorus) Then The Master took the slave, in the chains of his bondage
Adopted him and made that slave his son
He Took away his shame, and gave him his own name
Forgave that sinful man for all he’s done
The redeemer paid the price, out of tender love and mercy
The Auctioneer had lost and grace had won
The chains were gone at last, new life replaced the past
The Master freed the slave and saved a son

V2) Since he came and bought me, there’s joy beyond compare,  I’m no longer bound to that old life
He Changed my lost position, and now I am his heir,  Forever I will live to testify

There’s Always Hope

V1) I believe for every valley there’s a mountain,  For every storm that we pass through, the sun will shine
For every broken heart there is a mender,   And in this darkened world there is a light
 The voice of doubt says things will not get better,   But by faith we know this trial wont last forever

Chorus 1 ) (There’s always hope), for every season in our life
(When we can’t cope) , hope triumphs every time
( We’ve gotta know), when God is by our side
It is not the end of the road, There’s always hope

V2) I believe for every question there’s an answer,  Thought we may not understand it here below
We’ve must to learn to give it all to Jesus,   Even when the answer is no
So when the voice of doubt says things will not get better,  By faith we know this trial won’t last forever

We Still Stand

V1) This old world, in which we are living, gets worse every day
The ten commandments, that once were honored, are being taken away
Most have abandoned, any allegiance, to God and his plan
But there’s a group of believers, who have not we retreated, and we still stand

Chorus)  For we wrestle not, against flesh and blood
But against evil forces, yet unseen, we take the armor of God
We march behind, the shield faith,   with the sword of the spirit in our Hand
Having done all , by the power of God, We Still Stand

V2) There are many, making predictions, saying that God cannot win
But our assurance, comes from Calvary, when we remember again
Skies grew dark, when the redeemer, Laid down as a lamb,
 but there’s a tomb that is empty, a savior who’s living,and A kingdom that still stands

Great is You’re reward

V1) Behind his old desk the preacher sat down, reflecting on all of his years 
he questions the time, that he and his family, suffered and wept bitter tears
How much really mattered, how much meant nothing,  is it worth all the heartache and pain,
 but then he’s reminded that he’s been investing,heaven is still his to gain.

Chorus) Great is your reward, for all eternity, 
It has been an honor, just to feed the sheep
(Your)  name may not be famous here, but I believe the Lord. 
Has kept a faithful record, Great is your reward

V2) Many a Sunday, questions would come, Just why are you wasting your time 
once you showed promise, you could have been bigger,  but now you missed your time to shine
but you’ve caught a glimpse of that heavenly city, that is worth more than money can by 
a light is now shining, a banner is waving,  so preach on with this thought in mind

My heart will be at home

V1) In this world I’m just a stranger, looking for a land so sweet,   Oh to look upon my savior, will at last my joy complete ?
There is nothing here to hold me, heaven is in view,   One day I will see it’s glory, all things will be new 

Chorus) Swing the gates of glory open, clear a pathway to the throne
Let me run to see my Jesus,  there my heart will be at home

V2) Not a single disappointment, not a trace of pain or grief,
 Only perfect peace in heaven, at the master‘s nail scarred feet 
Add gene) I will worship and adore him, through the ages long
Add Bass) Ever more to kneel before him, Praising him with endless song

I Belong to Jesus

V1) If You don’t know about me , let me tell you who I am,  A Loving Son and Brother, just an ordinary man
But the picture that I paint you, Could never be complete,  Until you know the most important thing

Chorus) I belong to Jesus……, no other name could claim me
Just Jesus….., Cause in my heart he saved me
He paid the price long ago, on Calvary’s hill he bought my soul
It’s freedom , and I can say, I belong to Jesus.  

V2 ) He’s brought me through some valleys, and he’s taken me through storms 
 he’s given me some victories, and protected me from harm
and when I’m so in need of mercy, and failing him the most,  a still small voice reminds me, and I know