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I’m Looking for the Savior
V1) In the Book of Revelation, John saw a new Jerusalem,
Prepared by God Descending from on high
All the prophecies are ending eternity is beginning,
soon we’ll take our flight, and tell this world goodbye

Chorus) I’m not looking for a sign, I’m looking for the savior
Just at any moment, he’ll call his church away
This could be the dawning, we’ll witness his appearing
I’m not looking for a sign, I’m looking for my savior’s face

V2) All the Sceptics and the deceivers, will then become believers,
as the dead come forth to meet him on that day
what a glorious situation, we’re gonna lose our gravitation,
in the twinkling of an eye be called away

When We Crown Him King
V1)  I will Rise on day,  to meet the master- The lame will walk, side by side,
all the way to greet the king, To greet the king
The blind will view, that city fair, the deaf , will hear the trumpet sound 
And those who’ve been silent,  For so long, will all start to sing.

Chorus) What a celebration, when we first see the Lord
Our minds can’t imagine, the scenes we will see
Our ears have never heard the song, that heavenly choir will sing
Created for this moment, When we crown him King

V1) Now to some it may seem silly, that a King would bleed and die,
For the sins of a world, so unkind, and for a lost boy the age of 9
But I just realized, I was doomed to die, when Jesus rescued me
Now I’m waiting for the day, when God calls me home,
On that day, I crown him King

Brand New Heart
Chorus )  He gave me, a brand new heart
Now I play,  a brand new heart, Like a child a brand new start
He gave me, A brand new heart

V1) My heart was dark, no light was in me, he things I searched for, were all in vain, 
I turned my life, over to Jesus, heart troubles gone, I’m not the same

V2) Things that I love, in my heart long for, I find no longer satisfy,
I’m on the move, when he is near me, My heart is his and he is mine

When Men Pray
V1) Wars cease, the whole world lives in peace, bitterness and hatred fade away
Foes talk, the whole world walks the walk, that’s what happens, when men pray

V2) Healing starts, God mends all broken hearts, nobody goes to bed afraid
The blind are lead, the hungry all are fed,  that’s what happens, when men pray

Chorus 1) When men pray, When men pray,
The heart of God is touched, When men pray
As the father’s will is done, the whole world can be won
Unison) that’s what happens, when men Parts) pray

V3) tears Flow, chains fall from burdened souls, families gather in his name
Little kid will laugh, mom’s will see no violent wrath, that’s what happens, when men pray

Child of God
V1) For years I had stumbled, down life’s rugged road,
with no hope within me, and nowhere to go,
I’d lost my Identity, somewhere along the way, But then I met Jesus, and now I can say…

Chorus)  I’m a Child of God, don’t,  ever, doubt it,
a Child of God, Tell the world about it.
and if no one, knows my name, his love will not change
So, just call me, a child, of God 

V2) He was homeless, and hopeless, and no-one seemed to care
He wandered, so aimlessly, without 1 prayer
Til 1 day death took him, but just before he died,  he called on Jesus, and I heard him cry

He Carried the Cross for Me
V1) It was early in the Morning, when the Guards came to his cell
They Lead him to the place, where the trial was held
Jesus Looked out among the crowd he listened to them cry
“Let Barabas Go, Jesus must Die”

Chorus)  With a broken heart, he picked up the cross
And started his journey, for those who are lost
It was the only way for salvation, to be
And with my sin as his, he carried the cross for me……

V2) On his way up to Calvary, Jesus grew weak,
with the weight of the cross, he fell down to his knees,
The blood that ran down from his brow, was a reflection of his pain
With the help of a stranger, he started once again

Here for Now
V1) For many years we’ve heard about, the coming of the Lord
Some say that he will not return, he’ll go back on his word
But I have faith in what he said, and time is drawing near,
When he splits those eastern skies, you won’t find me here !

Chorus)  We’re here for now, but not for long,
He’ll return, in the clouds, and we’ll be,  gone
Some say it’s just a fairytale, Some say it’s just a song,
We’re here for now, but not for long

V2)  Now there are those who don’t believe, they cannot understand,
Why we look forward to the day, we reach God’s Promised Land
Oh but what’s inside the Gates of Pearl, Just keeps me pressing on
When I hear that trumpet sound, brother I’ll be gone,

In the Morning
V1) When will we stroll the streets, in a world that’s trouble free
Try on a brand new robe, live without growing old
Meet friends and family, find them waiting anxiously
Reach out to take there hand, as we tour the Promised Land

Chorus ) We’ll do it all, in the morning, sit down by the riverside
Rest beneath the tree of life, when the night has come
Keep holding on with all your might, weeping’s only for the night
We’ll take our long, awaited flight, when morning comes

V2) When will we live without,  the pain of fear we’re feeling now,
Reach a place where heartache ends, and endless joy begins
Slip past the veil that hides, heavens plan from human eyes
Rejoice to fin’ly see, why these tears, where meant to be

Tag )  Is that a beam, of morning light, piercing through the lonely night
We’ll take our long, awaited flight, when morning comes, We’ll do it all in the morning

It’s Not so Hard to Praise Him
V1) We used to go to church, and feel the spirit of the Lord
Needs were met, when on his name we call.
In his house we’d worship, in one mind and one accord, Oh how the blessings they would fall
It seems so hard at times, to keep this old world off my mind, even little hills seem so tall,
But then my mind goes back to Calvary, where the savior died for me
and it’s not so hard to praise him, after all

Chorus 1) it’s not so hard to praise him, when I think of all he’s done
How he gave his life, for all mankind, where he’s brought me from
When I think of all his suffering, my troubles seem so small
And it’s not so hard to praise him, after all

V2) We all enjoyed the blessings, as the lord would pour ‘em out,
songs of praise seemed to be so strong,
Then some brother would testify, it’d make you wanta shout,
Of  how he’s been with Jesus all day long.
The singing of the choir, seemed to usher in the fire, 
you could feel God’s spirit wall to wall
With the strength that I’d acquired, though I’d come to church so tired,
Well it wasn’t hard to praise him, after all…. I said

One of these Days
V1) I was talkin’ to a friend of mine, just the other day
About life’s dissappointments, and the thrials along the way
Well I told him he needed Jesus, to loose the chains and set him free
Just when I thought I was getting thru, he turned and said to me

Chorus 1) One of these Days, I’m gonna go to church, when I get the time
One of these Days, I’m gonna give to God, My Heart, my soul, My mind
One of these Days, I’m gonna change my life, and mend my sinful ways
You better make up your mind or be left behind,  one of these days

V2) I was listnin’ to the radio, when I heard the news,
My friend died unexpectedly, there was nothing anyone could do
the words I shared to him that day, still echo in my head,
When I tried to lead him to the Lord, I remember what he said

Chorus 2) You better go to church, while you’ve got the time
You’ve gotta give to God, Your Heart,  Your soul and your mind
You better change your life, and mend those sinful ways
You better make up your mind or be left behind,  one of these days

The Sinner
V1) The Years of my life, were swiftly passing by, the dangers of this world around me, worsening with time, Jesus for so long, had been knocking at my hearts door, but this time something seemed different, could it be he would knock no more.

V2) So I fell down to my knees, for the 1st time in my life,
I was pleading for God’s mercy, for I had realized,
I was lost in this world, and without God, I would never be saved,
so I lifted my eyes up to him,  and from my heart I began to pray…

Chorus 1) Come on in, take your place, give to me, a warm embrace
Walk with me, I need a friend, for eternity, take away my sin

V3) That night I dreamed that I had died, and crossed to the other side,
I was standing just outside the gates, when my mind wandered back in time
All of this I Could have missed, has it not been for his Grace,
for all the times he kept on knocking, even though I had turned him away

V4) Then the gates opened wide, before the judgement seat I stood,
standing accountable, as I knew that I would.
When off in the distance, I saw Jesus, coming my way,
I lifted my eyes up to him, and this is what I heard him say :

Chorus 2) Come on in, take your place, give to me, a warm embrace
Walk with me, I’ll be your friend, for eternity, we shall Reign

V1) They stood before their accusers, suffering in shame,
Yet they counted it a privilege,  to die in Jesus name
These martyrs stood in vict’ry, and bravely raised their sword
And though they lost their lives that day, Great was their reward.

Chorus ) To Live is Christ, to die is gain,
though we may suffer, through the greatest pain,
if our eyes are fixed on Jesus, whom we’re fighting for
We may lose the battle, but thank God we’ve won the war.

V2) He stood before the doctors, there was no more that they could do
Yet he believed the great physician, could make his body new,
But even if the savior, would choose to take him home,
is joy would be far greater, to stand before Heaven’s throne

When I Make if to the Other Side
V1) I’m not sure how tomorrow is gonna be,
Here on earth, the only thing for sure, is uncertainty
When I depart this world of clay, I’m movin’ to my heavenly home to stay ,
I know what I’m gonna do, for eternity

Chorus ) I’m gonna walk, walk on that golden Street,
I’m gonna sing, sing with that holy band,
I’m gonna bow, bow before the king, when I make it to the other side
I’m gonna sit down, down by the saints of old, I’m gonna hear, the half that’s not been told
when I make it,  when I make it to the other side, other side

V2) Ev’ryone wants a vacation that’s what they say
Buyin’ tickets and makin’ plans, for a little get away
But my resting place was given to me, purchased in blood on calvary
Here’s what I’m gonna do , I can hardly wait

God Has Raised Him
V1) To Calvary my lord had been, Some said this would be the end,
He claimed that he would rise\, they had their doubts,
His followers were so afraid, his body in the tomb was laid
But on that third and glorious day, the son broke thru the clouds.

Chorus 1) God Had raised him from the dead, he had risen like the angel said
Though death took his very life that day, he still got up and went away
His return won’t be delayed, for God Had raised him from the dead

V2)  Satan Thought he had prevailed, the plan of God has been derailed
Jesus Christ had finally failed, he knew that he had won
But then the smile fell from his face, he knew his foe was much too great…
The power of God had sealed fate, that resurrection morn

Chorus 2) God Hath raised him from the dead, he has risen like the angel said
Though death took his very life that day, he still got up and went away
His return won’t be delayed, for God Hath raised him from the dead

Chorus 1) Rejoice, our sins are forgiven,  Rejoice, our debt has been paid
Rejoice, our hope is eternal, We trust in the one, who conquered the grave

V1) Lift up your voices, come join the singing Praising the savior,  the king of all kings
Uniting our hearts,  agreeing together, He gives us the spirit, The reason we sing

V2) All ye who hunger and thirst for the savior, he offer the bread, and a taste of new wine
Freely bestowed on all who will receive it, come to the table , no waiting in line.

Tag)  We trust in the one, God’s only son, Jesus, who conquered the grave…….

The First Day of Heaven
Chorus )  (On the) 1st day of heaven , what a day that will be
the 1st day, of heaven,  what a day,  that will be

V1) Peter and john will welcome us home , show us all the sights to behold
What accommodations that our lord can afford, After all he’s King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
Hand in hand we’ll stroll, down the streets of gold, with our loved ones all around
What a celebration we will have on that day, (we’ll) kick up our heels and shout out loud

V2) Praises will be offered up to our King,  as we all sing Heaven’s Jubilee,
Campmeeting will be going on all around, when King Jesus lifts his hands to place our crown
the Devil will be looking up from his home, for he knows that it won’t be long,
'Til Gabriel sound his mighty horn, then all God’s Children will be reborn